Friday, 8 February 2013

The Article

Had a rough count-up on the bus this evening.  The Article is just over 1500 words.  Am now seated at my desk in my best writerly pose, with a stapler holding open my 2013 Writers and Artists Year Book on page 28, which is where the magazine details begin.   I should be on my way to Dreamland as I am up at 6 again tomorrow for the soon-to-be-kaput day job.  But I couldn't resist one little stab at the laptop first.  Big mistake.  It'll be three in the morning before I know it if I'm not careful.  Anyway - at least I am one step further on with The Article than I was this time yesterday.

There was a time that I could knock out two or three articles a week and have them re-drafted, typed, enveloped up and sent off  (with the never-to-be-forgotten sae enclosed of course) in two shakes of a writer's quill.  In those long gone but fondly remembered times, I kept a submission's book which I was forever updating and I'd be working on the next project before the gum on the stamps had dried.   How times have changed.  Here I am writing a post for my lovely fresh new-look blog simply because I had a word count and got the WAYB open beyond the intro page!  Wow - last of the prolific writers.

Never mind - at least I am actually writing again.  Goodnight.  Sweet dreams.  Diary here I come...

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