Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Article Begins Its Journey

Today I started Draft 2 of The Article about Addiscombe Young Writers.  I am hoping to finish it tomorrow and then I will start touting it.  I know it is worth pursuing this because the South London Press gave the group a totally brilliant mention in yesterday's copy on Page 7 and I am going to write a guidebook eventually.  Well - why not?  I keep saying I want other groups for Young Writers to spring-up.  Maybe I can advise people on how to go about it.

Tomorrow's a big day in more ways than one because I have enlisted the help of my Steve to collect the freshly printed and bound mint first edition copies of the Young Writers' first book Word Magic - their  book.  I can't wait to see their faces next week when I hand them their complimentary copies.  I know how thrilled I was the first time I saw my name in print.  And I was 12 - so a lot older than these guys, most of whom are under 9!  If the book does well then we might even do another one next year.

Now I have re-embarked upon my own quest as a writer, I am surprised at just how much I am getting done - even with my soon-to-be-kaput-full-time job.  The other day I even took the Writers and Artists Year Book to work with me so I can do some research - and that is one hefty tome to carry about as I am sure you all know (after all, I'm guessing that at least some of you are also writers?).

By the way - can anyone help me with a particularly annoying little problem I have with my blogs?  A year or so I set up another blog intending it to do all the things I am hoping this one will do and I forgot about it until recently when the writer inside me was reborn.  The snag is that both have the same name and whenever I type in the blogspot address, that old one keeps coming up and I cannot find any advice on removing it.  Since I'd like to put a link into the Young Writers' blog, I need to get rid of the old one so that when people sign in they get to this one that's all lovely a new and smells like a brand new book (well almost).  Yet I know this one has been viewed because my stats tell me so.  I mean how totally thick am I not to be able to work that out?  All advice gratefully received.  Better go - have Steve's Valentine's cards to write out - and one of them will feature a poem I wrote especially for him.  All together now - Ahhhhh!

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