Sunday, 17 February 2013

How Very Dare They ...?

I am sorry but it has to be said!  What do email hackers actually get out of what they do?  This has been bugging me since last Thursday night when I discovered mine had.  What's more I think I am onto some big scam because - like complete idiots - whoever it is has asked me to prove who I am by telling them, in their guise as microsoft, everything about my x-box (I don't have one and never had) and my credit card number (do they think I was born yesterday?).  It shames me somewhat to admit that when the message first flashed up on screen, I was just mildly irritated, but thought no more about it.  But that turned into absolute fury when I realised what was actually happening.  And now they have blocked my main email address (not my gmail address fortunately) and told me it can't be unblocked until I give them proof of who I am by providing such sensitive info.  So tonight I googled Microsoft, found their UK contact details and reported it to them - along with the question of how I can get it back.  I shall also telephone them tomorrow.

What kind of sad halfwit is it that sits at their desk, probably in some dank and dingy squat, and does things like this?  Is his or her life so full of meaningless twaddle that hacking into some poor so & so's email makes their little cup of joy overflow?  Or do they notch them up like a cowboy with his gun as in "Hmmn - one down, only twenty seven million other email addresses to go and I shall (evil cackle) conquer the world!"  Is he or she just lonely?  Maybe they have to hack into other people's cyber lives because they have no life of their own and got called Billy-Nomates at school by kids wearing the latest designer gear who went around in clique little groups from which he or she was excluded?  Well I have news for Billy-Nomates now.  Hacking into private lives really won't up your place in the popularity stakes.  Sorry mate that's just how it is.  Nobody likes a loser!

Anyway, just thought I would let everyone else I know that I can still be reached via blogs or gmail.  What's that?  Oh - The Article!  I am half way through the second draft.  That's slow going for me but I have had a lot to contend with lately - not least Word Magic by the Young Writers.  And, now I have expelled the vitriol over Billy-Nomates and his cyber shenanigans - I can get on with being a Writer again.  See?  It takes a lot to get me down.  I have Words on my side!

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